David Caradine

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A delicious recipe for David Caradine, with dark creme de cacao, green creme de menthe, Black Velvet® Canadian whisky and heavy cream. Ideally served in a old-fashioned glass. This Short drink can be found in cocktails.

Image of Old-Fashioned Glass for David Caradine

What you'll need

  • 1 part dark creme de cacao
  • 1 part green creme de menthe
  • 1 part Black Velvet® Canadian whisky
  • 1 part heavy cream

How to make it

Mix in the order: cacao, menthe, whiskey, milk. Try to keep the layers separate. Float on the back of a spoon, tilt the glass and pour very gently, etc.

I suggest tilting the glass. When you tilt the glass you can, when pouring the cream/milk, rotate the glass causing the cream to swirl down through the other layers which looks good. Serve in an apertif glass.

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