Mixed Drink Popularity Contest

Welcome to the Popularity Contest! Just visit your favorite drink or cocktail recipe and place your vote.

This Month's Top Ten Most Popular Drinks

  1. D.R.F.O. (440 votes) made with dark rum, ouzo anise liqueur, Frangelico® hazelnut liqueur and ice cubes.
  2. Blueberry Lemonade (226 votes) made with Stoli® Limonnaya vodka, blueberry schnapps, sweet and sour mix, cranberry juice and sugar.
  3. Pink Almond (224 votes) made with Scotch whisky, Kirschwasser® cherry brandy, Amaretto Di Saronno® liqueur, lemon juice, almond syrup and grenadine syrup.
  4. Kiss in the Dark (85 votes) made with cherry brandy, dry vermouth and gin.
  5. Tongue in my Panties (34 votes) made with Southern Comfort® liqueur, Malibu® coconut rum, peach schnapps, white rum, orange juice, cranberry juice, and a splash of 7-Up® soda.
  6. Red Hot (29 votes) made with Goldschlager® cinnamon schnapps and Jagermeister® herbal liqueur.
  7. Bend Me Over #2 (23 votes) made with Crown Royal® Canadian whisky, amaretto almond liqueur, sweet and sour mix and 7-Up® soda.
  8. Southern Bubbles (23 votes) made with Southern Comfort® liqueur and Champagne.
  9. Tyson Punch (21 votes) made with Mello Yello® citrus soda, Sprite® soda, orange juice, Kool-Aid® Tropical Punch mix, ice and Everclear® alcohol.
  10. Duchess (20 votes) made with anis liqueur, sweet vermouth and dry vermouth.
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