Mixed Drink Popularity Contest

Welcome to the Popularity Contest! Just visit your favorite drink or cocktail recipe and place your vote.

This Month's Top Ten Most Popular Drinks

  1. Long Beach Cocktail (53 votes) made with tequila, triple sec, rum, vodka, gin, sweet and sour mix and cranberry juice.
  2. Seizure (24 votes) made with Absolut® vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, cranberry juice and apple juice.
  3. Bomb Pop (22 votes) made with Bacardi® Razz rum, lemonade and Blue Curacao liqueur.
  4. Greven (18 votes) made with Absolut® Citron vodka, Passoa® liqueur, Blue Curacao liqueur, orange juice and limes.
  5. Screwmosa (18 votes) made with Vodka, Orange Juice and Champagne.
  6. Lift (18 votes) made with amaretto almond liqueur, Drambuie® Scotch whisky, Tia Maria® coffee liqueur, coffee liqueur and whipped cream.
  7. A Little Dinghy (18 votes) made with Captain Morgan® Parrot Bay coconut rum, Malibu® coconut rum, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and orange juice.
  8. Crack Pipe (16 votes) made with Bacardi® 151 rum, Rumple Minze® peppermint liqueur and Wild Turkey® bourbon whiskey.
  9. Lutteur (15 votes) made with VSOP cognac, vodka, Mandarine Napoleon® orange liqueur and bitter lemon soda.
  10. Spudgun (15 votes) made with Drambuie® Scotch whisky, vodka and beer.
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