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    We Found 18 Drink Recipes in Lager

  • beer breezer made with vodka, Carlsberg® Special Brew lager, Tabasco® sauce and celery salt.
  • beeraquirilla made with Bud Light® lager, ice, tequila, light rum, strawberry daiquiri mix and margarita mix.
  • snow white made with Sprite® soda and Heineken® lager.
  • campari beer made with lager and Campari® bitters.
  • chumbawumba made with Strongbow® cider, Stella Artois® lager, Smirnoff® vodka and Scotch whisky.
  • dead dog made with Crown Royal® Canadian whisky, Miller® Red Dog lager and Tabasco® sauce.
  • dogs bollocks made with melon vodka, lager and lime juice.
  • glam trash made with Goldschlager® cinnamon schnapps, Bud Light® lager and grenadine syrup.
  • half and half made with Harp® lager and Guinness® stout.
  • juicy guiness premier made with Blue Curacao liqueur, Taboo®, Absolut® vodka, Guinness® stout and Carling® Premier lager.
  • memachau made with lager and Kahlua® coffee liqueur.
  • moon drops made with sweet sherry and lager.
  • red eye a la cocktail made with lager, tomato juice and egg.
  • verno made with Harp® lager and spiced rum.
  • gold velvet made with lager, pineapple juice and Champagne.
  • red beer made with lager and tomato juice.
  • snake bite bites back made with lager, cider, Pernod® licorice liqueur and creme de cassis.
  • turbo shandy made with lager and Smirnoff® Ice.
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