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  • three miller cocktail made with light rum, brandy, lemon juice and grenadine syrup.
  • golden miller made with amaretto almond liqueur, Grand Marnier® orange liqueur, creme de cacao and orange juice.
  • fireball made with Southern Comfort® liqueur, cinnamon schnapps, Tabasco® sauce and cherry.
  • fireball #2 made with sambuca, tequila and Tabasco® sauce.
  • fireball #3 made with cinnamon schnapps and Tabasco® sauce.
  • fireball shooter made with cinnamon schnapps, Bacardi® 151 rum and Tabasco® sauce.
  • jawbreaker aka fireball made with cinnamon schnapps and Tabasco® sauce.
  • killer shots made with vodka, rum, tequila, root beer schnapps, cinnamon schnapps, Sour Puss® raspberry liqueur and Blue Curacao liqueur.
  • jello shots made with watermelon jello, water and Malibu® coconut rum.
  • naked twister shots made with Bacardi® Limon rum and Pepsi® Twist cola.
  • orange rush shots made with vodka, amaretto almond liqueur, Southern Comfort® liqueur, triple sec, orange juice and 7-Up® soda.
  • jell-o jiggler shots made with vodka, jello, gelatin and water.
  • dreamsicle jello shots made with orange jello, water and vanilla liqueur.
  • midori jello shots made with lime jello, gelatin, Midori® melon liqueur and water.
  • apple jell-o shots made with DeKuyper® Sour Apple Pucker schnapps, Sour Apple Jello and water.
  • bocci ball jiggle shots made with amaretto almond liqueur, orange jello and water.
  • jolly rancher jello shots made with DeKuyper® Sour Apple Pucker schnapps, green apple jell-o and water.
  • caribbean blue jello shots made with light rum, berry blue jell-o, water and water.
  • green apple and butter jello shots made with X-Treme Green Apple Jell-O, water and DeKuyper® Buttershots liqueur.
  • chocolate covered cherry jello shots made with creme de cacao, cherry jello and water.
  • the extinguisher made with vodka, gin, rum, Grand Marnier® orange liqueur, Tia Maria® coffee liqueur, Kahlua® coffee liqueur, sweet and sour mix, cranberry juice and draft beer.
  • dead dog made with Crown Royal® Canadian whisky, Miller® Red Dog lager and Tabasco® sauce.
  • mountain dew made with draft beer, 7-Up® soda and Midori® melon liqueur.
  • doctor pepper made with draft beer, Bacardi® 151 rum and amaretto almond liqueur.
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