Andrew S. via

"Great book for drink ideas!... Each and every one provides a unique taste for you to enjoy!"

SoF via

"Very simple to make and delicious! I highly recommend this book to anyone... if you have guests over you can make any of these martini's in 5 minutes or less."

Kristen W. "Girls Night In" Hostess

"Such a fun little book! I would recommend it to EVERYONE! I have even bought this book to give my girlfriends as their birthday present. It is so easy to read..."

Alston P. Amateur Mixologist

"Finally, a cocktail book that gets straight to the point! This book makes an amateur [bartender] like me look like a professional..."

Lauren E. Professional Cocktail Consumer

"I love the photos in this book! It sits on my coffee table & is a great conversation starter."

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  • Large, full color photos.
  • Detailed ingredient checklists.
  • Easy to follow instructions.

More Info.

Explore the twenty-five best martini recipes, hand-picked from (a drink recipe web site).

Written in a straightforward manner, the recipes presented in this book offer a wide variety of styles & tastes. Large, full color photos accompany them, allowing you to see the finished drink in all its glory. Full ingredient lists are included to ensure that you have all the supplies needed before you start mixing.

Other cocktail books try to win you over with the quantity of recipes they contain, The 25 Best Martinis provides just that, twenty-five great martinis that you & your friends can enjoy night, after night, after night.


  • Classic recipes for traditional martini lovers
  • Contemporary recipes for folks wanting to try something different
  • "Staff Picks"
  • Introduction to common bar tools

Who is this book for?

  • We didn't make this book for everyone; just folks who enjoy reading about, looking at & making good cocktails.
  • Previous experience mixing cocktails is helpful for creating some of these drinks (and garnishes).

Who is this book NOT for?

  • If you're a completist (looking for thousands of different martini recipes), this isn't the right book for you.