Mixed Drink Popularity Contest

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This Month's Top Ten Most Popular Drinks

  1. Imperial Fizz (642 votes) made with light rum, blended whiskey, lemons, powdered sugar and carbonated water.
  2. Booga Booga (514 votes) made with vodka, orange juice, apple cider and Snapple® Raspberry Iced Tea soda.
  3. German Band (437 votes) made with Steinhaeger® gin, blackberry liqueur and Underberg® bitters.
  4. South Bank (328 votes) made with white rum and gin.
  5. Fatass (43 votes) made with Stoli® Razberi vodka and Bacardi® Limon rum.
  6. Ten Quidder (43 votes) made with gin, triple sec, bitters and Blue Curacao liqueur.
  7. California Barbie (39 votes) made with Malibu® coconut rum and yellow lemonade.
  8. Fat Hooker (38 votes) made with vodka, peach schnapps, Malibu® coconut rum and orange juice.
  9. Stranger-In-Town (38 votes) made with light rum, sweet vermouth, Calvados® brandy, cherry brandy and maraschino cherry.
  10. Dr. Pepper #7 (37 votes) made with vodka, amaretto almond liqueur and Coca-Cola®.
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